Kviečiame prisidėti prie „Darom“ akcijos organizavimo


Kviečiame prisijungti prie akcijos „Darom 2012“ Renkami savanoriai

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  • Aldho prieš 5 metus rašė:

    The creative style you and Doc dteonsmrate with The Venture Bros. is perfect. Each season has been funnier, better-written and more dynamic than the ones before it. I hope you keep doing things your way and making this show for many more years to come, because it is working.Sgt. Hatred is consistently one of the funniest characters in every episode he appears in. I really like how you worked him, Hunter and Shoreleave into the main recurring cast of characters this past season.Looking forward to seeing what The Revenge Society does in the future, and the completion of JJ’s Gargantua-2 space station. Will the clown-face-handed mech from The Lepidopterists make a reappearance?On the subject of VB toys, how about a Shoreleave pullstring doll? „Activate BOOTS-ofthe-GOSPEL!“ „BOOM! Yummy.“ „SPHINX!“

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